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at last, PHP has PDO

For a long time, PHP has never included database abstraction library. To connect to database we have to use hundred of functions which is included as PHP built-in functions. Those functions are also too different in name (not standarized). That's make us difficult to write enterprise application.

Some developers write their own database abstraction layer to overcome this situation. Such as ADODB, Creole, PEAR::DB, etc (ADODB is my favourite). But again... those abstraction layer out there are not standard. Unlike Java, which has JDBC.

At last in PHP 5.1 (why not in 5.o ;) ), PHP will have a standard in database connection. It is named PDO or PHP Data Object. This will kick those library, because PDO will have some advantages. PDO will be more robust, more OOP, faster, and have pluggable driver for each database system. Well I hope so...

To try PDO, you will have to download latest PHP Beta version. Currently is PHP…