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LTSP workstation Can not Print

LTSP workstation can not print ?
The printer attached to the workstation
You must currently using lpserver
Can't print because the parallel port does not support bi-directional
To workaround, enable WRITE ONLY option for this workstation

Treo 650 Continuous Restart (Looping)

You have just installed a PRC (Palm Application)
You have just hotsync your treo

But then it restart continuously
(after palmone logo, it restart again)

All you have to do is system reset
This will disable backround applications, phone, bluetooth etc.

Now you have to delete PRC which cause resets
Preferably using Filez, or Application Delete menu
After deleting do soft reset, and your treo will back to normal.

But how to run application to delete PRC ?
(pressing Home Button resets treo again)
This is serious problem...

You know you can do Hard Reset to get out of this problem
but it will clear all your data, all your config, clears everything.

Don't be panic
Do system reset again
Now, don't press Home Button
go to Phone by pressing Green (Phone) button
Press DOWN button several times, to view Favorites Button
Edit blank favorite button, to run your application (for example Filez, or NVBackup)
Press the favorite button, then your apps shown without crash
Do something with your app, then do Soft Res…

I hate treo crashes

I got a new treo 650, but I hate treo crashes..

how to reproduce crash using treo 650:

send multiple files over bluetooth will crash
sometimes because of keyguard or powersave

send multiple files over bluetooth will only ask confirmation for last file, not for every files I sent

hotsyncing via bluetooth crash when power saving is active

btw I'm using 1.20 software
and I'm posting this blog from treo