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LTSP workstation can not boot (DHCP problem)
>You seem to be missing the "next-server" statement in dhcpd.conf.
>Technical explanation:
>In between two dhcp daemon releases (3.0.2 and 3.0.3) the ISC people
>decided to change default values. Older dhcpd versions would, if not
>specifically configured to do else, send a "next-server" field with the
>IP of the DHCP server. This field defaults to be empty now.
>Of course, Etherboot cannot work correctly if there is no information
>which server the boot files shall be fetched from, so DHCP offers
>without the next-server information are discarded.
>Add a line
>with the ip address of your tftp server (probably the same machine as
>dhcpd server, isn't it?)

Amarok rock!

Now I'm fully using Amarok (1.4.4) with my Nano

Bye iTunes


1. Amarok's user interface just like iTunes
2. Sync cover images successfully to iPod (while iTunes gives me error -50)
3. Support ( submiting tracks, playing stream)
4. Submit tracks I've played using iPod to (just tick 'Synchronize with amarok statistic')
5. Automaticly download lyrics (using script)
6. Replay gain support to normalize volume (using script)

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