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Change key character for droid/milestone

Sometimes I want to write IP Address using hardware keyboard. Press alt key twice to lock, then we can type numbers and symbols. But when alt mode, period key (.) will change to (:) which makes 192:168:10:10 So I want to change some other key to period (.) in alt mode, I choose Tab key.

1. First you must root your droid, which not covered here.

2. Get binary file contain key characters: /system/usr/keychars/sholes-keypad.kcm.bin
using adb or copy it to sdcard

3. Modify the file using hex editor (i use bless)
find sequence: A.1.a.A..
the last dot is char 09 which is tab, change it to period (char 2E)

4. Copy back and replace /system/usr/keychars/sholes-keypad.kcm.bin

5. adb reboot