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Bee Template 0.3 released

Changelog 0.3 Setting attributes, now you have use new method attr() doing $template→tagID→tagname→tagname→tagname is possible now new method: replace(), replacing node with fragment html using method node() you can do node( “tagname”, index ) row looping is now possibleSee Homepage:

Bee Template 0.1 released

Bee Template is a Web template system parses HTML files into PHP objects which can be manipulated by using tag names or IDs.
While other template systems make use of prepared HTML files for templates, Bee Template allows you to use arbitrary HTML files without modification. Bee Template is powered by PHP 5 DOM Engine. So you’ll have to use PHP 5 to make it work. A PHP 4 port will be posible if there is a DOM library which support HTML for PHP 4.
Email me if you know such library. Any feedback welcomed...

Baca tanpa Iklan? semakin hari semakin ngga tau malu iklannya. Gimana kalau kita bisa baca tanpa iklan? Seru kan!

Mungkin kalau kamu lepelnya udah adpance, artikel ini biasa-biasa aja. Tapi coba dibaca terus sampai bawah, yang penting pilter-nya.
QUOTE: pake pairpok dan adblock mah gue udah laha

Caranya begini:

1. Pake browser Firefox, download di sini:
2. Download Extension Adblock, downloadnya di sini:
3. Abis install Extension Adblock,File - quit dari Firefox, trus jalanin lagi
4. Trus pilih menu, Tools - Adblock - Preferences
5. Pilih Enable Adblock
6. Trus add filter-filter di bawah ini:
*/tpl/daftar/**/images/detikhot/**/images/abg/**/images/bisnis/**/images/inet/**/images/wp/**/adv/frame-news/**/images/peristiwa/* 7. Filter untuk website lainnya ;)***** Selamat mencoba!

PS: Kalau kamu punya filter-f…