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Find previously installed package (Fedora 25)

Using DNF:
dnf history

you can also undo by ID:
dnf history undo 307

If dnf dont show previously installed packages, use RPM:
rpm -qa --last

Cool bash prompt and VIM status line using Powerline (Fedora 25)

This guide is based from:

$ dnf install powerline vim-powerline

BASH Edit ~/.bashrc and /root/.bashrc add these lines:

powerline-daemon -q
source /usr/share/powerline/bash/

VIM Edit ~/.vim/vimrc and /root/.vim/vimrc add these lines:

python3 from powerline.vim import setup as powerline_setup
python3 powerline_setup()
python3 del powerline_setup
set laststatus=2
set t_Co=256

Bypass your ISP DNS blocking

Follow this instruction to bypass your ISP DNS blocking  (I'm using Fedora 24)

Ikuti langkah di bawah ini untuk menghindari pembatasan situs oleh ISP

# Install the package
dnf install dnscrypt-proxy

# To start manually
dnscrypt-proxy -R cisco

# To start automatic using systemd
vi /etc/systemd/system/dnscrypt-proxy.service

Description=DNSCrypt client proxy


ExecStart=/sbin/dnscrypt-proxy  -R ovpnse -S -d -u nobody

systemctl enable dnscrypt-proxy.service
systemctl start dnscrypt-proxy.service

# To use it

echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf
# or change DNS in network manager


# Tips
You can download latests resolver from and replace this file /usr/share/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv

You can change cisco to …