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Checklist for backup and restore Android

Before migrating your data to new phone or before your phone being repaired, you've to make sure all data backed up

Back up:Enable Android Auto Backup to backup apps to cloud and force backup using (on new android you can Backup to drive from Settings):
adb shell bmgr backupnow --all
Backup apps manually using Helium by ClockworkMod (clear cache first to make backup smaller)
If Helium is not working use this script to backupForce Sync Contacts to google from Settings - AccountsSMS Messages (SMS Backup and Restore by carbonite/synctech)Whatsapp history (click Backup Now manually, and optionally backup to cloud)Backup all files from internal storage ( copy using adb pull -a /sdcard ) Remove your external sdcard before factory reset! Not all app can be backed up, read app documentation to backup and restore, such as Google Authenticator, Bitcoin, SMS Messages

Restoring:Factory reset (remove your external sdcard first!)When asked, choose install from backup or other phoneConnect wifi o…