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Format sdcard option (updated)

Sometimes when copying lots of files to sdcard causes corrupt in portable device. To avoid this we can increase cluster size when formatting. This will also increase read/write performance on sdcard.
Under linux we can use:

mkfs.vfat -h0 -n MYSDCARD -S 4096 -v /dev/sdc1

using command above seems dont compatible on Windows, you can use this application:

or use this compatible command:

mkfs.vfat -s 32 -S 512 -n "USB DISK" /dev/sdc1mkfs.vfat -s 64 -S 512 -n "USB DISK" /dev/sdc1mkfs.vfat -s 128 -S 512 -n "USB DISK" /dev/sdc1

HACK: Freeing internal memory (movecache)

For the sake of knowledge, i made cache for my thread because might be wiped for unknown reason (got email from admin)

HACK: Freeing internal memory (movecache)
tested on Droid, Milestone

Start here: