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Run 64bit Guest on 32bit Host Virtualbox

Virtualbox is really cool software for virtualization and it is free. Latest version of virtualbox support running 64bit guest, even on 32bit host. See this checklist: Make sure your processor support VT-x (or AMD-v) and 64bitEnable in BIOS: Virtual Machine Technologyset option in guest: PAE, IOAPIC, ACPI to enabledAnd most important thing: set OSType to Ubuntu_64 or Windows_64 (note the _64)Install your guest OS (i prefer using headless and rdp)

Using zram (was compcache)

I've tried compcache but dont get good result:

But zram seem working fine. Compcache will be included in 2.6.37 kernel, named: zram. But if you want to try it follow this step:
Download and install 2.6.36 kernel from here:

Get compcache source (not tar.gz), if you get compile error see reference below:
hg clone compcache make cp zram.ko /lib/modules/2.6.36-02063602-generic/updates/ depmod -a
Add this to /etc/rc.local:
# if you have 2 core modprobe zram num_devices=2 # 500mb each, usually compressed to 80% echo 524288000 > /sys/block/zram0/disksize echo 524288000 > /sys/block/zram1/disksize mkswap /dev/zram0 mkswap /dev/zram1 swapon /dev/zram0 -p 100 swapon /dev/zram1 -p 100
Next, reboot and run big apps like eclipse, 3 virtual machines