LTSP workstation can not boot (DHCP problem)

>You seem to be missing the "next-server" statement in dhcpd.conf.
>Technical explanation:
>In between two dhcp daemon releases (3.0.2 and 3.0.3) the ISC people
>decided to change default values. Older dhcpd versions would, if not
>specifically configured to do else, send a "next-server" field with the
>IP of the DHCP server. This field defaults to be empty now.
>Of course, Etherboot cannot work correctly if there is no information
>which server the boot files shall be fetched from, so DHCP offers
>without the next-server information are discarded.
>Add a line
>with the ip address of your tftp server (probably the same machine as
>dhcpd server, isn't it?)


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