High Quality Audio Ripping

High Quality Audio Ripping guide, for you all audio-phile ;)
Please follow this guide:
  1. Use Linux (it has low latency, avoid audio clipping like cobalah untuk se...setia)
  2. Use Grip, KAudioCreator to rip
  3. Use higher quality soundcard (not cheap cards) which support recording at 48000 Hz or 44100 Hz
  4. Do not touch equlizer (using XMMS, WinAmp)! Do not raise bass, treble etc. Let the listener equalize it himself/herself
  5. Encode to MP3 Stereo, not Joint-Stereo
  6. If ripping from CDs use MP3 192Kbps
  7. If ripping from Tapes use MP3 160Kbps
  8. Optional: Encode to OGG Vorbis 192Kbps Stereo (better than MP3)


Anonymous said…
Bapuk gak ada caranya.... detailnya donk...
linux apaan sih kak..??

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