Finally, an Ipod Shuffle

Sexy, white, little, with impressive sound...

UPDATE: photo uploaded

Finally, I got an Ipod Shuffle (IPS). I bought it for $130 (USD).
What do you think? Quite expensive huh for an MP3 player.. But it is worthed. Read the rest.

The design is soooo simple, with five buttons on its front and switches on its back. It is very light, you can even carry it with one finger :p. Main color is white, ear phone color is also white. Soooo sexy. I love it.

IF you like music like I do, you'll be satisfied with the sound, really. Bass response is very good. Sound is very clear.. no noise. Completely an "ego tool", ignore everyone around you. Set the volume high!

Technical Specs:

Connectivity - USB 2.0, but also work with USB 1.1
Storage Size - 1 GB or 240 songs
Weight - not sure, very light
Battery - internal Lithium Ion, plug to usb to recharge
Software - iTunes, or gnupod
Earphone freq response - not sure

Having this IPS, I have fulfill my two needs. One for my ear and one for my job (ngga boros kan gue). An MP3 player and a portable storage device. This version of IPS has 1 GB storage size, I think it is enough for hundreds of songs and some other data.

Well those are for good points. IPS still have weak points. Songs can only be transferred by using Apple iTunes (included in CD). And iTunes can only run under Windows XP and MacOSX. You can not just copy songs like you copy data via USB, it won't be played by IPS.

After complaining to Apple forum, I understood why apple do this. To reduce people stealing musics. iTunes lets you buy music online, and allow you to transfer to other computers with maximum 5 computer.

But I still hate why can't add songs by just copying via USB, have to use iTunes! How can I copy cool songs from other PC? Fortunately some people create 3rd party software called GNUPod. You can use gnupod to add / remove songs. I think gnupod is the best replacement for iTunes, even it is gui-less. Gnupod has the most complete features: XML, ID3, ipod volume, play count, per song volume. etc.

Concluded, I recommend IPS if you love music!


Anonymous said…
yahhh baru juga 1g, gw yang 4g aja gak heboh2 amat :p
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