Atom: my new text editor

Atom version 1.0 has been released. And now atom is my new text editor :)

Check it out:

I'm using these atom packages for PHP development:
  • atom-beautify
    need to install php-cs-fixer
    My fixers options:
  • autoclose-html
     (use ctrl-alt-. instead)
  • autocomplete-php
  • linter
  • linter-jshint
  • linter-php
  • highlight-selected
  • minimap
  • minimap-find-and-replace
  • minimap-highlight-selected
  • minimap-linter
  • symbols-tree-view
    use symbols-list instead
  • unsaved-changes
  • an-color-picker
  • project-plus
  • theme-switcher
To get started, try this shortcut: Ctrl-R , Ctrl-T, Ctrl-Alt-. (for html)


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