Trying Fedora 24 alpha

I'm using Refind to choose efi to boot fedora's grub or ubuntu's grub. This is different than just using one grub.

Fedora 24 alpha has pure gnome experience, love it

Maybe I will switch to Fedora, for several reason:
  • Gnome software (gui for software installer). Ubuntu will replace software center with this too
  • Gnome 3.20, Ubuntu 16.04 : gnome 3.18
    also unmodified apps like nautilus, ubuntu use old version of nautilus + patches
  • Ubuntu now using systemd, previously upstart
  • Newer kernel, 4.5, better support for my radeon
  • Wayland, most distro will support Wayland, Ubuntu develop it's own: Mir
  • I can run steam, even not officially supported. I hope steam support fedora soon
  • Boot animation work on my laptop 😁
  • Update: Ubuntu will use snappy for app sandboxing, gnome has this kind of thing long time ago called xdg-app (flatpak)
  • Update: Linus Torvalds uses Fedora


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