Installed Gnome Extension (Fedora 24 Gnome 3.20)

Installed Gnome Extensions

Now I'm using Fedora 25 with Gnome 3.22

AlternateTab by fmuellner

Substitute Alt-Tab with a window based switcher that does not group by application.

CPU Power Manager by martin31821

Manage Intel_pstate CPU Frequency scaling driver

Disconnect Wifi by kgshank

Adds a Disconnect option for Wifi in status menu, when a network is connected. Shows a Reconnect option, when no networks are connected.

Freon by UshakovVasilii

Shows CPU temperature, disk temperature, video card temperature (NVIDIA/Catalyst/Bumblebee&NVIDIA), voltage and fan RPM (forked from xtranophilist/gnome-shell-extension-sensors)

Harddisk LED by bijignome <- me :)

Show harddisk activity (IO speed read/write and LED).

Lock Keys by kazimieras.vaina

Numlock & Capslock status on the panel

Places Status Indicator by fmuellner

Add a menu for quickly navigating places in the system.

Simple net speed by bijignome

Simply showing network speed. Click to change mode

Services Panel by bjesus

Manage services from GUI panel

TopIcons by ag

Shows legacy tray icons on top

Touchpad Indicator by user501254

Switch the touchpad, trackpoint, fingertouch, touchscreen or a pen device on and off easily from the top panel. Optionally, automatically disable some or all devices when a mouse is plugged in and re-enable them when unplugged.

Turn off Display by simonthechipmunk

Adds a button to the status menu to turn off the screen.

WindowOverlay Icons by sustmi

Add application icons to window overview

Todo.txt by BartL

A gnome shell interface for todo.txt

Dynamic Top Bar by AMDG

Let the top bar become transparent when no window is maximized

Coverflow Alt-Tab by p91paul

Replacement of Alt-Tab, iterates through windows in a cover-flow manner.

Hibernate Status Button by p91paul

Adds a Hibernate button in Status menu. Using Alt modifier, you can also select Hybrid Sleep instead.

Status Area Horizontal Spacing by p91paul

Reduce the horizontal spacing between icons in the top-right status area


Clipboard management system

In fedora repo:
dnf install gnome-shell-extension-gpaste

Download here:


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