Create messaging app like whatsie and rambox using chrome

It is even easier now LOL :
1. Open google-chrome
2. open web app in tab :
3. Menu -> More tools -> Add to desktop
4. Next time you can open the web app using launcher


You can create messaging app like whatsie and rambox easily using chrome:
  1. You'll need google-chrome
  2. Create desktop launcher with command:
    /usr/bin/google-chrome --user-data-dir=/home/USERNAME/.config/google-chrome-msg
  3. Launch the app 
  4. Install dark theme
  5. Open and login in multiple tab:
    add your own
  6. Set chrome to Open specific page or set of pages, Use current

Use alacarte to create desktop launcher, if you got buggy alacarte: cant enter command with parameter, use this:

dnf copr enable biji/misc
dnf install alacarte --best

You can create multiple app launcher with different user-data-dir, for example for multiple whatsapp number


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